Southeast Sea Kayaks is located right in the heart of downtown next to cruise ship berth 1. We meet all our guests at the Liquid Sunshine Gauge at berth 2 and walk a few minutes to our floating office.

Ketchikan is the first or last stop in Alaska for cruise ships traveling the Inside Passage. Up to 5 cruise ships dock in Ketchikan each day of the summer which can mean that there are more than 10,000 visitors in our small town. A quick look at the Ketchikan cruise ship schedule will show you how busy it can get. Our kayak tours are not sold on board any cruise ships. We offer an alternative to the large group excursions sold through the cruise lines and the opportunity to escape the crowds and get out into Alaska with a small local company. For more information on booking your own tours in Alaska, check out our blog post All About Alaska Shore Excursions

Here are answers to some of our cruise ship guests' most frequently asked question.

Do you provide transportation to and from the cruise ship dock?

No need! Our tours meet at our downtown office, conveniently located across the street from cruise ship berth 3 at 540 Water Street Suite 303.

Will we have enough time to take one of your tours?

Yes! We have both Orcas Cove and Ketchikan Kayaking tours to fit into every cruise ship stop in Ketchikan. The shortest stops here are 7am - 1pm, for those ships we have our 8am or 9am Orcas Cove trips. If you are traveling on one of these ships it is important to book early as we frequently sell out those tour times. When the schedule allows we also offer "on arrival" Orcas Cove trips to help accommodate the short port times.

How will we find you?

Our tours meet at our downtown office, conveniently located across the street from cruise ship berth 3 at 540 Water Street Suite 303. Our bright 3rd story window signage (KAYAK) makes us easy to spot from the boardwalk in front of the Arctic Bar. If you are arriving by cruise ship, please allow at least 30 minutes from the time your ship docks to your trip's starting time and allow 1 hour between your trip's finishing time and the departure time for your cruise ship. We'll be punctual - no one on our tours has ever missed their cruise ship - and don’t worry, if you accidentally book a tour time that doesn’t work for your ship we will let you know and arrange a time that works.

How long should we allow for the trip?

Generally, we ask that you allow at least 15 minutes between your ship's scheduled arrival time and the time of your trip. If you book the trip that begins 15 minutes after your arrival you should have no trouble meeting us if you are ready to get off the ship as soon as it arrives. The cruise ship's "all-aboard" time will be 30 minutes prior to the departure time listed on your sailing schedule. We require that guests have at least 30 minutes between their trip's return time and the "all-aboard time" for their ship.

Here is an example: If Diamond Princess will be in Ketchikan from 10am - 6pm then the all aboard time for the ship is 5:30pm. Guests traveling on this ship could book the 11am, 12noon, 1pm or 2pm Orcas Cove tours or they could book Ketchikan Kayaking at 11:15am,  or 2:15pm.

Should we book ahead?

Our kayaking tours frequently sell out well in advance because our groups are small. You can always check availability and book online right up to 3 hours before the trip's departure time. However, if you arrive in Ketchikan and want to go kayaking, don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-287-1607, or go to the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau and use our direct dial phone.

How long will it take us to get back to the ship after the tour?

The 3 hours includes the entire dock to dock experience. The end of your tour time is when you will be back at Berth 3.