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Enjoy our adventurous Alaska family tours here in Ketchikan, AK. At Southeast Sea Kayaks, we offer in-depth exploration experiences that help you appreciate the rich history and true beauty found in Ketchikan, AK. Our local tour guides create educational and exciting settings that provide the best way to fully immerse yourself in the natural elements of Alaska’s beautiful coast. The fresh air found here in Alaska rejuvenates many visitors. In fact, most return to their daily lives feeling extremely refreshed. The scenic coastal zone is home to many beautiful forms of wildlife. Observe wonderful native birds like the great blue heron as it slowly moves to strike its prey. Snap a quick photo of a lively and fast-moving kingfisher, well known to be a delightfully loud addition to the area. View an array of charming mammals in their natural habitat, such as harbor seals resting comfortably on the ice or the smallest member of our marine mammal family, the charismatic sea otters.

Alaska is home to breathtaking views of magnificent mountain ranges and roaring volcanoes. Our local tour guides understand how important your safety and comfort are. That’s why we make it a top priority to provide the best guided experience possible, something for the entire family to enjoy. Take a leisurely paddle through the Ketchikan area and explore all the wonder the town has to offer. Our peacefully guided Alaska family tours give us the ability to avoid disturbing too much of the native wildlife. This gives you a chance to maintain light interaction, so your experience is sure to be one to remember.

We started with one van, a few kayaks, and a dream. Here we are, 20 years later, ranked as the number one Alaskan tour service. Whether you’re interested in an exciting family air tour, kayaking exploration, or boating adventure, we’ve got your covered.

Find fun for the entire family and book with Southeast Sea Kayaks today!