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  • Max 6 Guests!


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Per Person (with promo code plan2save) Ages 5 and Up

Enjoy the serenity, wilderness, and wildlife of Orcas Cove!

If you imagine Alaska as a place to get away from it all and enjoy the serenity of the wilderness, then the Orca Cove sea kayaking tour is perfect for you. Our three-hour excursion tour is a kayak and boating adventure that allows you to escape the crowds in Ketchikan. Orcas Cove is a 20 minute fast boat ride away from downtown Ketchikan. While we don’t see killer whales everyday, spending the entire three hours on the water provides excellent chances to spot marine wildlife throughout the entire excursion.

Our orcas cove sea kayaking excursions are top-of-the-line and with a maximum of 6 guests, you’re guaranteed to have an intimate sea kayaking experience with us!

The true highlight of the Orcas Cove tour is exploring the secluded coves and rainforest islands by sea kayak with friendly, knowledgeable guides, although the snack of local smoked salmon onboard the mothership is ranked a close second by many of our guests.