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It’s no secret that the sheer abundance of orcas that pass through Ketchikan, AK, is a main reason people visit the lightly populated area. Starting in about April, we notice orcas coming in through inside passageways. They’re a lively bunch on the hunt for delicious king salmon, and who can blame them? Orcas gallantly make their return to the chilled Alaskan waters year after year, and we never get enough of admiring their magnificence. You’ll notice that as king salmon get closer, orca sightings become much more frequent. This typically happens during the months of May and June.

One thing is for certain—these majestic creatures are the master of their domain and they do as they please. As such, while we love every opportunity available to see the mighty orca, we cannot guarantee that they will show themselves on our tours—they go wherever they want, and we’re not about to tell them otherwise.

If we’re lucky enough to encounter orcas on the sea during a tour after they’ve fed, their cheerful presence will leave your entire family with lasting impressions you’re sure to remember. This is because, after one of their elated feeding frenzies, orcas often become very acrobatic.

Here are some additional fun facts about orcas:

  • Commonly referred to as orca “whales,” the orca is actually a closely related member of the dolphin family. In fact, they’re the largest dolphins on the planet, weighing up to six metric tons!
  • Orcas have an alarming number of teeth. Between 40 and 50 teeth that can grow up to four inches in length!
  • Orcas can be found in every ocean on the planet. In fact, they’re the second-most widespread creature on the planet, after humans!
  • Piggybacking off the last orca fun fact, did you know that orcas belonging to different pods actually speak with different dialects? Similar to dolphins, there are dialectical differences between pods and very different languages spoken between larger “clan” units.
  • Orcas can grow between 16 and 26 feet in length. For a scale comparison, that’s about the size of a small school bus.
  • Oddly enough, orcas actually scare the great white shark. White sharks encountering a pod of orcas are known to avoid that area for up to a full year after the encounter!

Our team has over 20 years’ experience serving Ketchikan’s wonderful community of vacationers. If you’re interested in visiting Ketchikan, Alaska, to embark on a guided tour by air or sea, Southeast Sea Kayaks is exactly what you’re looking for. Our easy-to-navigate website makes it simple to browse your favorite Alaskan adventures. As always, we want to earn your business, so give us a call today to find out how to get started. Book now!