Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we need prior kayaking experience?

A: No experience is necessary to participate on our trips. We do ask that you are physically fit and inform us about any limitations you may have.

Q: Should we tip our guide?


A: Tipping is customary, but of course not compulsory. A gratuity is a wonderful way to show appreciation to your guide for providing you with a memorable tour experience.

Q: Can our kids participate?

A: Absolutely, we love kids on our tours! Children must be aged six or over and parents should be aware that they will do the bulk of the paddling with kids under the age of ten. We paddle tandem (2 person) kayaks at Orcas Cove for their space and stability on the water no matter the experience level.

Q: Can we bring our Grandma too?

A: You are never too old to paddle a kayak. Our oldest participant to date was aged ninety and going strong. We use double kayaks to pair people up to make strong paddling teams. Just be aware that kayaking does require some physical exertion and for the Orcas Cove trip we have to "climb" aboard the mother ship. Please call or email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Q: We don't want to kayak in the rain, what if it rains for our trip?

A: Ketchikan is in the heart of a temperate rainforest and we would never do anything  if we stopped for the rain. Please do not let the possibility of rain deter you from booking. Southeast Alaska is at its most beautiful on misty rainy days. We provide   quality paddling jackets, waterproof pants and spray skirts to our guests to keep everyone as dry  as possible. and don't forget that the wildlife doesn't care about the rain. Of a greater concern to kayakers is strong wind, and if the conditions are unsafe we will cancel trips with a full refund.

Kayaking at Orcas Cove on a beautiful, misty day.

Q: Why do guests have to sign a waiver?


A: Our insurance company requires that we inform all of our clients about the risks involved in going out on the ocean in sea kayaks. The waiver outlines these risks and all participants must read and sign the waiver. A copy is available here.

Q: What will the weather be like? Is it cold?

A:  Summer time in Southeast Alaska is mild with average temperatures in the 60’s, but days can run into the 80’s. We do live in a rainforest and our area is dependent on the rain that fuels the diverse ecosystem here. However the summer months are the driest.

Q: What should we wear?


A: We ask you to dress warmly in layers; as if you were hiking, but without hiking boots. Even on sunny days, kids should be warmly dressed. Synthetic materials, wool and fleece are best as they will keep you warm even if they get damp.  Sneakers are appropriate footwear as we step into the kayaks from a dock or a boat and your feet will not get wet. Hiking boots tend to be too bulky for the   kayaks. Sunglasses, a baseball cap and a camera are great things to bring along.

We never know exactly what wildlife we will see on any particular tour. However we can see seals, sea lions, Orcas, Humpback Whales, mink, river otter and black bears.

Q: What wildlife will we see?

A: We can see many different species of marine mammal, birds, land mammals and intertidal invertebrates. However, our tours are not "wildlife viewing tours" we focus on sea kayaking and enjoying the serenity of Alaska's stunning natural environment.  We do frequently have amazing animal encounters however we cannot guarantee wildlife sightings on the tours.

Q: Can we use single kayaks?

A: We use double kayaks for all of our tours but we are happy to provide single kayaks, when they are available, to experienced sea kayakers. We cannot guarantee that we will have a single kayak available for your tour without confirming ahead of time. Also, because our single kayaks are very narrow and tippy we ask that guests who use single kayaks be experienced in cold water self-rescue techniques.

Q: Will the kayak tip over?

A: Capsizes on our guided tours are extremely rare. Our double sea kayaks are quite stable and our guides will help   you develop technique and grace. 

In the unlikely event that your kayak capsizes, our guides are trained to get you quickly back in!

Q: What if our ship is delayed or misses port?

A: Very occasionally a cruise ship will not stop in Ketchikan as scheduled: if a ship misses port completely we give a full refund. If your ship is delayed we will try our best to re-schedule. If we can’t there will be a full refund

Q: Do you have a weight limit? I am concerned about fitting in the kayak.


A: Over the years we have seen all shapes and sizes! Ability to participate depends on size rather than weight, however we do not recommend this tour for guests over 275lbs and some guests under 275lbs may not fit into the kayaks. Guests must be able to sit comfortably in a kayak seat that is 18 inches wide (same width as most standard airline seats) and fit into unisex 2XL rain gear. Any one with a seated waistline of more than 50 inches will not be a good fit for the kayak cockpits. If you are not sure whether you will be able to participate, please call us for more information.